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17 November 2008

Family Sacrifice

When I think of the fact that I'm to present myself as a sacrifice to God, sometimes I wonder how far that should go. And how much does it involve my family? The great thing about being married to a Godly lady is that she is just as much about that sacrifice as am I. The Bible says that when two people are married, they become "one flesh;" essentially one person. And I'm to lead my children in the way that I know will most glorify God and lead them to a relationship with Him.

What seems to have happened is that in our pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we put the quest for happiness rather high up on the scale of priorities. Personal and family happiness is good, as long as it doesn't become the end as well as the means to that end. That's being consumed with something other than Christ.

So, in sacrificing my life for Christ, the sacrifice must include my family (sort of by definition). This is what we regularly see in the lives of foreign missionaries (our friends, Phillip and his family, come to mind). But is it what we regularly see in the lives of Christians around us -- and in ourselves?

How far should we go with our sacrifice? Should we stop short of what we know that God wants us to do because it would be inconveniencing our family? Even putting them at risk somehow? If I believe in and honestly trust the God described in Psalm 91, then why would I be worried about what happens to me or my family as a result of obedience?

Have you and I held out on completely surrendering to uncomfortable obedience and servitude to God because that discomfort might impact your family? Is that an excuse that we're allowed to use?


Anonymous said...

Being married to a PK (Pastor's Kid), gives me a slightly different perspective.

Both my wife and I were raised in the CMA (Christian and Missionary Alliance), our doctrine was and is very similar to that of the southern baptist.

Back in the 50/60s; Pastors were taught - God first, Church second, Family gets whatever is left.

I personally think that is slightly backward (some bias here because of my wife); it is obvious that God must be first; yet I believe (my opinion) that the family should not be neglected in order minister to the Church. My wife has great parents that loved their children dearly, yet there were times my wife felt they (the children) took second place when compared to the Church ministry.

Billy Graham spent many years on the road throughout his ministry, BUT HE DID NOT NEGLECT HIS FAMILY WHEN HE WAS AWAY; he always made sure they were taken care of. Of course their children may have felt otherwise, as did my wife.

Maybe we shouldn't ask how far we should go with our sacrifice but rather where can we serve (or sacrifice) God together (no matter what the ministry).

I feel that if we (you and your family and me and my family) are truely seeking God's will for our lives then it will be a joint decision to serve God as He leads. In other words your ministry is not yours alone but your family's. (Of course the children might not see it that way)

There is no implication to your family intended here; I was just stating my opinions.

Your friend keo

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