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15 November 2008

Assistance for the Homeless

I'd like to give a big, huge thank-you to all of you who gave and who responded regarding today's trip to help some folks. We had donations of Band-Aids, ointment, lip balm, gauze, cookies, and more. Thank you! Also, one of our local Family Christian Stores gave me a great deal on some Bibles last night.

My friend Ted went with me to take these things downtown to a group of homeless men and women. The drive back to the homes/tents under the bridge had been dug up to make way for a new drain pipe, so there was no easy walkway. We were greeted by a fellow named Ken, who saw us driving up and came out to meet us and made his way over the dug-up area. It was fairly obvious that it wasn't desired that we go back to their tents to distribute the first-aid supplies, Bibles, and cookies, so we talked with Ken for a minute or two and gave him the things to hand out himself.

The point of our visits is not to enable anyone to remain homeless, or to feed any desire to leech off of the donations of people, but rather to share out of the abundance of what we have, and to share about our relationship with Christ. My prayer is that we'll see some of these people overcome the obstacles that they're presented with, whether those obstacles are of their own making or circumstances beyond their control. And if I'm able to be a part of helping them to overcome these things, I want to be at their disposal and service.

And the point of our going frequently is to be enabled to get to know this group of people, and to enable them to know us and to realize that we're not just a group wanting to make ourselves feel generous or good or to patronize them, but that we actually care about them.

Next trip will be November 29 (or possibly the 22nd), and right now it looks like we'll plan on taking firewood, as that seems to be a need. We may help a group with hot meals, too.

E-mail me (new tab up at the top of the page) or post comments for more info or to let me know that you'd like to be a part of this ongoing effort.


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