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19 October 2008

Sunday's Music

Week three of joining in the Sunday Setlist blog carnival of Fred McKinnon, Woo hoo! For each song below, non-public domain songs are typically linked to downloadable purchases at, and traditional/public domain songs are linked to

Sunday, October 19:

O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing (Charles Wesley / Carl G. Gläser / Dean Lusk) - the link goes to sheet music that I wrote for this one (very basic, particularly on the bass clef). I'd already talked with our youth pastor (and tenor of the day) about doing the David Crowder chorus from the Remedy CD, but I found it a little dissonant and out of character with the song, and to top it off, I don't like springing new things on the band unless it's a must-do situation.

We played through the song without a chorus Thursday night at practice and when we were done, we all agreed that it needed a chorus. We wrote the chord changes and on Saturday I wrote a chorus that I thought retained the flavor and theme of the original song. It's nothing ground-breaking (and I used the word "praise" twice), but the congregation seemed to pick up on it and engage immediately. Here's the chorus, with thanks to Jan Owen for a wording suggestion around the "voices" part:

Sinners freed by grace, now we sing Your praise;
By the blood of Christ we are saved!
We lift up the Son; voices joined as one
And we praise the King Who now reigns.

Let Everything that Has Breath (Matt Redman) - wonderful song.

Sing for Joy (Lamont Hiebert) - probably one of my favorite songs of praise. For the longest time I wouldn't use the phrase "Give Him your love; He's in love with us," because "in love" sounds like God is falling all over Himself to beg us to love Him, which is not the case. Usually sing, "Give Him your love because He loves us," which makes the syllables feel a little off.

There you have it!


Gary Durbin said...

I don't know if I like the Crowder version yet. I like it, but not for our church as of now. Maybe some day. Those feelings change somtimes. Great song though.

HL said...

Good set, I agree with Gary too. I'm not sure about the crowder version. It's cool but not sure how well it works with our community. Good stuff.

Dean Lusk said...

I typically love David Crowder's knack for melodic hooks, and while this chorus has a well-defined and memorable melody, I just didn't feel like it was going to work for us. Your comments have reinforced the idea that I'm not totally crazy. Thanks!

Also felt like the lyrics went off onto another focus, different from the rest of the song.

BTW, we had a short song service because we had a couple of other major elements and opened with a skit.

elise said...

I just wanted to tell you that the "He's in love with us" line is my favorite line of Sing for Joy! I understand why you have your reservations about the line, but it's so much more personal than just saying that He loves me. It always makes me smile!

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