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13 October 2008

Sunday's Music

Week two of succumbing to the horrible peer pressure of the Sunday Setlist blog carnival begun by Fred McKinnon! (By the way, that's totally tongue-in-cheek -- I think it's a great idea! I just catch on slowly.) Non-public domain songs are linked to downloadable purchases at, and traditional/public domain songs are linked to, because we have our own arrangements of them and there isn't typically a link to the way we do them.

Sunday, October 12:

Glory to the Lord (Lynn DeShazo) - minor keys and I go together like... well... minor keys and I. This is one of my favorite songs with which to begin a worship service. It starts in C#m and piano is absolutely essential for the intro. Anna, one of our pianists and one of the most meek and "I-wanna-be-like-this-Christ-follower" people I know, was late for the beginning of the service the last time we did the song (not her fault), and it almost happened this time. Last time I had to put the guitar down, rush to the piano with 10 seconds left on the countdown, and try to play the intro without having looked at the music in forever. Only minor (but obvious) butchering that day, but I was very grateful yesterday.

Nothing But the Blood (Robert Lowry / Howard Doane, traditional) - respectful and worshipful presentation of the song, primarily acoustic guitar, evolving (can I say that word at a Christian blog??) into a steady, building tone.

Higher Ground (Johnson Oatman / Charles Gabriel, traditional) - a fast-paced"Before the Throne of God Above" droning rhythm with a 3/4 "Teenage Wasteland" intro (that wasn't intentional, but if you take away one of the beats on the first chord of that riff, you have our intro and turnaround, minus the arpeggiated synth).

Lord, Reign In Me (Brenton Brown) - I love this song. It says what I pray daily.

Days of Elijah (Robin Mark) - did you realize that Robin Mark wrote this song in about 30 minutes, in between services (probably on a napkin -- he wrote it in the church kitchen)? Awesome story. Sounds like ol' Robin's been taking a little from my playbook (that was massively tongue-in-cheek, in case you didn't pick up on it). The title of the CD that this links to makes me chuckle: Days of Elijah: Ultimate Worship Anthems of the Christian Faith. "Ultimate Worship Anthems?!" Rock on, dude... This was our flute player, Elise's first time to play the song with us (blogger Tony M played it on his miracle wind instrument as a part of our worship team before he moved to Florida). Elise loved the keys we use for this song: A and B. Kidding. She didn't enjoy it, I don't think. But she did a fantastic job!


Fred F. McKinnon said...

PEER PRESSURE? (hahahah!)

I'm glad it's working! Thanks for submitting the songs!

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

Dean Lusk said...

Yes, it's awful... :)

Thanks for starting it up, Fred! Many thanks for building up the community of believers!

Worship Dude said...

Ok, so do you like to do this or do you NOT like to do this? I'm confused! Oh yeah, and GO ANNA!! =)

Also, a little update on my blog! I got your stuff working on my "fake blog". When Joseph gets back, I'll have him do a graphic for me!
Thanks, dude! 'Ppreciate Ya!

Have Fun,
Jn 10:10

Dean Lusk said...

Argh! I added a note of clarification in the post. I'm totally kidding. I love being able to participate in the group pool!

Looking forward to the new blog look!

Tony M said...

Points of clarification: I moved to Mobile (AL; ok, technically Daphne, AL), not Florida. The wind instrument (Yamaha WX7, driving a VL70-M voice module) wasn't mine, only borrowed (for a couple of years from an old high-school friend), and now is returned.

Sounds like a great set! I still miss you guys!

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