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07 October 2008

Sunday's Music

I give in. I sometimes rebel against jumping on the proverbial wagon, so I haven't participated yet, but this post marks my first entry in the Sunday Setlist blog carnival begun by Fred McKinnon. I've never been too fond of calling our music a "setlist" because -- personally -- it makes me think of shows played at concerts or clubs. Thankfully, however, it's become an issue of semantics for me now and doesn't get under my skin.

On Sunday we abbreviated the music during the service to allow for corporate prayer time in our front parking lot at the end of the service, hence the whopping three songs.

(Note: you can click on the links below to purchase the songs in MP3 format for $0.99 each at

We began with "You're Worthy of My Praise" (David Ruis), using the Passion arrangement. It's funny; for such a simple song, this one has at least three frequently-used arrangements. They typically vary at the end of the second and fourth lines, and last time we used the arrangement from Integrity's iWorship book. On the first verse I led and the congregation echoed. On the second verse the men led and the ladies echoed. In the lightly-attended 9:30 service (Fall Break seems to have had that effect on a number of church fellowships' services), the ladies sang much louder than did the men. Shocking!

Oh yeah... guitar players, if there's a comfortable and effective way to play F/G on a guitar, I'd love to know about it. I hate to admit that I usually play an ugly-voiced (uglily-voiced?) bar chord.

On a side note, it was a long time before I integrated this song into rotation. While the song says, "You alone are worthy of my praise," it never really says exactly why (The sacrifice of Christ on the cross? The supremacy of God?). But I do believe that God is worthy of our praise, and I love to sing that. Also I felt like the phrase, "You alone I long to worship," essentially said, "I'd really like to worship You..." but I now sing that as saying, "I want to spend every day in worship."

Our second song was "O Worship the King" (Robert Grant / William Gardiner / Chris Tomlin). Since this was the second song and I typically like for each song to flow into the next, we didn't play the protracted intro that's heard on the "Hymns Ancient & Modern" recording. I think my favorite line, one which was wisely left in (when old hymns are redone these days, the archaic words are sometimes changed) is this one: "O measureless might, ineffable love..."

Check out these definitions of "ineffable" from
1. incapable of being expressed or described in words; inexpressible: ineffable joy.
2. not to be spoken because of its sacredness; unutterable: the ineffable name of the deity.


We finished our music with a solo/congregational singing of "You Are God Alone (Not a God)" (Billy Foote / Cindy Foote) during the offering. Tom Parker, our youth pastor, led it. What a phenomenal perspective on Who God is. Among the many powerful lines in the song is, "You are not a god in need of anything we can give." God does not need our worship or our praise, but He loves to hear it and to see it in practice.

Have a great week! I'll be headed off to the Catalyst Conference tomorrow with a group from our church fellowship. If my wife allows me to take the laptop, I'll be blogging about it. I'm a little bummed out that Francis Chan doesn't appear on the list of speakers, but second-stringers like Franklin Graham and Dave Ramsey will be there. Heh...


Jan said...

Dean, you think too I'm afraid to let you read anything I write. :)

janakidechand said...

great set there! I play an F/G chord like this:


which is a nice voicing, and this formation can be moved up and down the guitar depending on the key. a good sub for a normal V chord.

Preston N said...

Dean - is this sorta your equivalent to succumbing to peer pressure??? :)

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