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26 October 2008

Sunday's Music - October 26

(Post slightly updated)

Week four of my participation in the Sunday Setlist blog carnival of Fred McKinnon. You may know by now, but for each song below, non-public domain songs are typically linked to downloadable purchases at, and traditional/public domain songs are linked to

Sunday, October 26:
Today is the Day (Lincoln Brewster / Paul Baloche) - key of D - I've been waiting to do this song ever since the single came out ahead of the album a month or two ago on iTunes. It was well worth the wait! I'm always just a little anxious about new songs and the 9:30 service, but my anxiousness was totally unjustified. Both services I felt and observed that people were able to use the song as a vehicle of huge praise. Phenomenal. if you're not doing this song, add it to your list immediately! (The link above is for the hard copy CD -- head to iTunes to get the single by clicking the image at the right.)

I taught this one to the choir a week ahead of time, and that helped a tremendous amount. The chorus gets up to an F#, and several of the choir members commented about how high it was. I suggest warming up your vocal chords a bit before attempting this one at an early service. If you're going to do it in a small group setting (I did it for a Wednesday night Jr. High service a few weeks ago on acoustic), definitely drop it a few half-steps if you want anyone to bother trying to sing with you.

Creator Medley (instrumental MP3 here) (Isaac Watts / Henry Ware / John Keble) - key of G - we originally did this as a choir special. It's based on the classic hymn "I Sing the Mighty Power of God," but only the first verse had real substance (IMHO). I pulled lyrics from two obscure hymns and made them verses two and three, and did the arrangement. The links are to the original sheet music and the MP3 is a really rough instrumental accompaniment I did for use in choir rehearsal.

God of Wonders (Marc Byrd / Steve Hindalong) - key of G - I love this song. Used a long-play background video of the wonders of the universe (also used it on the previous song). Our rendition was most like the City on a Hill version.

Praise Adonai (Paul Baloche) - key of F#m/A - I love this song, too. During the instrumental break I explained Who "Adonai" is; our Lord, Master, Owner. Mentioned Romans 6:22. This is a song where the verses are very self-explanatory, but if the singer doesn't know Who "Adonai" is, to me it seems to render the chorus nearly pointless. (This one also links to a CD rather than a track download.)

It didn't dawn on me that three of the four songs for this Sunday had instrumental breaks until we did them at rehearsal Thursday night. This used to be an area of paranoia for me. "What will the people do while the guitar solo is going on?" It quickly became really cool to me, though, in a Psalm 150 sort of way, that our musicians are able to lift a very unique offering and voice of worship -- one that they are uniquely qualified to give back to the Lord.

What a fantastic Sunday! The music and worship left me in awe of God. It was a privilege to sing and play that sentiment to Him.


Christy said...

Personally, I thoroughly enjoy the instrumentalists. I, too, think it's their time to offer praise through their gifts and God-given talents.

Worship Dude said...

We are working on Today is the Day now and going to be doing it in the next couple of weeks. Awesome song!


mandy said...

I haven't heard "today is the day" yet...
Need to check that one one!

Anonymous said...

you whipped out Praise Adonai. an oldie but a goodie. gotta love just about everything Paul Baloche. Great set.

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