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30 October 2008

SongTapper is a few years old, but my son reminded me about it not long ago.

Ever get frustrated trying to remember a song for which you know a melody but can't remember the words? is for you! Just tap the spacebar along with the rhythm of the melody of your song, and boom! Pretty good chance it'll spit out the name of the song you're hunting.

It guessed the theme from "Superman," the theme from "Spider-Man" (the 60's cartoon) and "Amazing Grace" correctly the first time, but I tried "Shout to the Lord" once and "Learn to Fly" (by the Foo Fighters) twice and it didn't guess them. I also tried the theme from "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly," but I couldn't hit the space bar fast enough, so I can't blame that on SongTapper.

Just wanted to pass along the fun. I'll bet you wind up tapping in more songs than you intended.


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