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28 October 2008

Reliving the 80's!

In the "Mysterious and Unanswered Questions" category, why did Aldo Nova put a song on the B-side of his now-double platinum eponymous 1982 album that was essentially ripping off one of his own songs from the other side of the album? (And why would I say "eponymous" instead of "self-titled"? Because it sounds classier!)

For your consumption, here's a comparison:

Fantasy vs. Under the Gun

"Fantasy" is in the right speaker (speeded up a hair and pitch-corrected to match the other song) and "Under the Gun," the far-less-popular song, is in the left speaker at its original pitch and speed (slowing it would've sounded spooky).

Were I in the studio way back when these were recorded, I'd have questioned the wisdom of the producer, but it was self-produced by Aldo Nova and artists usually regard their music as their offspring (hands-off), so he pretty much did what he wanted.

All this to say that I sometimes get the urge to listen to classic songs from my earlier years. If I bought Aldo Nova back in 1983 and lost the album or let the cassette melt on my dashboard somewhere over the course of the last 25 years, am I morally justified in using Limewire or BitTorrent or something to find the album and download it without paying for it (again)?

I mean, I did buy it, after all.

Aside from the legal issue (I think I ought to purchase the music again if I want to hear it), here's the real question -- the one at the heart of the matter: if something you're doing doesn't really feel quite right but you don't know why it would technically be wrong, are you obligated as a Christ-follower to investigate before proceeding? or is "ignorance is bliss" the best policy?


Christy said...

I've never heard of Aldo Nova. Doesn't sound like I missed anything. If something doesn't 'feel right', then it's probably not, so I wouldn't do it. At least I can't think of any situation where I would. Unless it's buying a purple purse when I really need a new coat. Does that count?

Tony M said...

If you take a look at a search of "conscience" (this is courtesy of using the New Living Translation), it would seem that the "conscience" thing ("it doesn't feel right") is one of the prime indicators that God has given us about right and wrong. That search only shows the first ten hits, but I find that it seems to indicate a correlation between the conscience (feeling) and actual right/wrong (not sin/sin).

Then there's the issue of "if you do something that you feel is sin, you've sinned" that Paul (basically) mentions (paraphrased). I forget the exact reference, and don't want to look it up, but it's talking about eating anything vs. being restricted to only the "clean" meats.

Personal opinion: you should strive to maintain a clean conscience. If you feel something might not be "right" then you probably shouldn't "go ahead and do it because it doesn't explicitly say in the Bible not to download copyrighted material" (but it does say "don't steal"). Your scenario, of course, isn't quite the same, but again I think you have to do what your conscience directs (and/or pray about it, of course).

Then again, just because you feel something's ok, if it does explicitly state that it's a sin (e.g., killing, even though the guy cut you off in traffic - and "calling him a moron" is the same as killing him... ouch, my issue, my issue...), don't do it.

My opinion, of course; feel free to shoot holes in it. :)

Preston N said...

Tony - AMEN AMEN AMEN! This is basically the fundamentals of what is also known as "Natural Law" - not in the evolutionary sense but in the moral philosophy sense. The Declaration of Independence is based upon this very principle - thus the quote "these truths are self-evident" and "man is endowed with these unaleinable rights" (moral rights). This is in fact the very nature of how a Christ-follower is to live his or her life. Not according to an external law, but according to the laws of the heart (a regenerated one at that!). My personal theology is this is why man is guilty of sin, that we know instinctively when we sin - as this is the violation of our conscience. Granted, over time we can deaden our conscience to a point when we can no longer hear its cry.

Preston N said...

Dean - BTW I loved Aldo Nova when I was a kid. I remember getting it for my 13th birthday, along with Van Halen "Diver Down". Both were my first "real" rock albums.

Leroy said...

Preston, you said the "magic" word. I have EVERY Van HALEN album. DLR was the man!!

Aldo Nova's career was bascially a "Fantasy". :)

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