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06 October 2008


I think it's funny how your sunglasses can fall neatly and effortlessly in between the front seat and console of your car, but extracting them is a tedious and aggravating process. It usually results in a stem being broken off or a scratch winding up right where your eye most needs a clear line of sight.

This is the kind of thing that makes me believe in the lesser-known properties of quantum physics and the spontaneous transfer of matter. Parts of the sunglasses, I believe, briefly morph into a different shape, allowing them to fall down where they normally couldn't, reassembling themselves when they're sure they're just out of reach of your fingertips, usually near the piece of sharp metal that's installed under your seat.

Which reminds me: car manufacturers routinely install razor blades in the dark areas underneath the seats of every automobile. Not sure why they do that, but I'm sure they do.

And why does my phone always want to make the word "naotiat" when I try to type "Baptist"?

Conspiracy, I tell ya'...

Do you ever think that someone does things just to get on your nerves? that they plan their day out so that they're a problem for everyone? I suppose that may be true sometimes, but we really have to leap to a lot of conclusions to think that in many cases.

I've had slight trouble lately, it seems, putting Philippians 2:3, one of my favorite blogging verses, into action. I wonder if you do, too.


Leroy said...

Problem being humble, ha, not at all. When you're "The Man", such things aren't even considered. :)

Recognizing the "less obvious" (to ourselves that is) sins like pride and humility is the hard part. Doing something about them, harder still.

Christy said...

Tony, good to hear from you. It's been a while. Oh wait, this isn't Tony's blog, this is Dean's blog! I was confused there for a minute. he he! ;0)

Dean Lusk said...

Christy, you do realize that this post was just part of a conspiracy to steal readers from Tony's blog, correct?


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