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25 October 2008

Church Slogan #7

Submitted by friend and commenter Leroy. Slightly minimalist look.

Working on Preston's submission, but I can't seem to go minimalist on it, so it'll take a little more time.


Preston N said...

Ok here is another late entry, it came to me this morning. It might be a little long, but here goes:

Anytown Baptist Church

We have a 30 day Guarantee!

Come in and test drive us for 30 days and if your not completely satisfied you owe us nothing.

We promise you'll:

-Have a purpose for your life!
-Make a bunch of new friends!
-Feel like your apart of something big and worth while!
-Have entertainment for your kids while you relax in our air-conditioned sanctuary!
-We promise only to preach on tithing once a year (so as not to make you feel guilty)

And while supplies last, after your 30 day test drive we will promise to overwhelm you with commitments and responsibilities that your spiritually not ready for!

Join today!

Leroy said...

Woo-hoo, I've been published!! I'll have a slogan signing at BAM on a TBD date. :)

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