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24 October 2008

Church Slogan #6

This may be the last one in the series. I've posted it before, and it's probably the one that will apply to most of us across the board who aren't in a home church fellowship. It makes me smile.



By the way, I've lost the source file on this one, also, so I can't change "Wall Highway" to "Anytown." This is not meant to be a statement about my church fellowship.

Come on, friends, commenters, and lurkers! Give me some more slogans!


Leroy said...

Anytown Baptist...

Come Share Your Vision With Us...Join A Committee Today!

Leroy said...

Anytown Baptist...

Join Us This Sunday...Back Rows Recently Reupholstered!

Feed those stereotypes!

Leroy said...

Anytown Baptist...

Strong In Our Convictions. We Have The Bylaws To Prove It!

Preston N said...

Seeker Friendly Church -

No Conviction!
No Repentance!
Have it your way!

Seeker Friendly Church, Anytown USA.

Leroy said...

Non-Goeth Church of Wherever

We've Been Waiting For You...About Time You Found Us

Dean Lusk said...

Ha ha ha!! (Funny, but not...)

I'll get to work on graphics for a couple of these.

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