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31 October 2008

Ancient Hebrew Text Discovered

In the news...

As reports, a 3,000-year-old Hebrew text has been found in earthenware jars at the excavation of a site 20 miles or so southwest of Jerusalem. "The site of Khirbet Qeiyafa is located near the place where the Bible describes the battle between David and Goliath -- the Elah Valley, which shares its name with the fortress." It dates to the time of King David and is about 1,000 years older than the Dead Sea Scrolls.

From the article: "Archaeologists have yet to decipher the text, but initial interpretation indicates it formed part of a letter and contains the roots of the words 'judge,' 'slave,' and 'king,' according to the university. That may indicate it was a legal text, which archaeologists say would provide insights into Hebrew law, society, and beliefs."

Great! Now we'll finally get some insight into Hebrew law, society, and beliefs! :)

Discoveries like this give me chills. So cool! (I didn't mean that to be a play on words -- just came out that way.)

Looking forward to following this as the writing is deciphered.


Leroy said...

"...this give me chills. So cool!"

THAT could explain why my wife gets cold when I'm around... :)

Preston N said...

I heard about this yesterday and thought this is another great discovery for not only the Jews but Christ-followers. I hope this mentions a biblical character or even King David! These types of discoveries should really reaffirm our faith that the Bible is indeed true

Jan said...

When we were in Israel we saw the Dead Sea Scrolls and the area around Qumran where they were discovered, although not the actual cave. It was fascinating......very amazing to see the actual thing!

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