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20 September 2008

To Fall From the Pedestal

I was talking with a friend yesterday; someone who had just heard the news and was very upset that former Christian music artist Ray Boltz has admitted to the world at large that he's gay. People in my circle of friends have generally been very disturbed by this, and they don't know how to react, because, to be honest, not many of them have had experience with this kind of a situation. They're not being angry or judgmental; they're just shocked and upset.

I have to admit that I'm glad that I've never been a great big fan of Boltz' music, though it certainly has touched many, many people. Now, I would honestly be hit pretty hard if news came around that someone like Don Moen made a startling announcement like this (he's finally got a blog! Just discovered it while making the link to his site...), so I can understand the saddened amazement of many people who've been so moved by his songs.

However, this should serve as yet another reminder that it's a really bad idea to place men and women on imagined pedestals of super-Godliness. For instance, I believe one of the key roles of a pastor in the local Church is to direct God's people alongside of God -- to model service and to disciple them so that the people themselves can serve and disciple others; not to do the service for them or to somehow present themselves as The Main Spokesperson of Christ. I'm not suggesting that most pastors do this. Rather, I'm suggesting that most churchgoers probably tend to see pastors in this way, and that's a setup for potential disappointment, sometimes to a faith-shattering degree -- if the faith is in men rather than God.

On a slightly lighter note, my only response to the many friends who have asked me, "So what do you think about Ray Boltz?!" has been something like this: "I never thought that there could be anything worse than that mullet he used to have, but this has proven me wrong."

(I should note that one of our administrative assistants at Wall Highway, in a "people in glass houses" vein, having seen photos of me from my less-than-wise years, said, "You don't need to be talking about anyone's mullet!")


Leroy said...

There is such a thing as a good mullet. No, not the nothing-compared-to-Dean's mullet that I wore to my prom (although *I* would say it was a good thing). No, not the almost-as-good-as-Billy-Ray-Cyrus' mullet that Dean wore (although *I* would say it was a good thing). Nope I speak of the God-given mullet...the fish. Good eatin' right there!!

Christy said...

No one sports a mullet as well as Bono - sorry, Dean. As far as Ray Boltz goes... bummer. But there's hope for him to return to what he knows is true. It is a good reminder to us, though, to keep men in their places and God in His.

Dean Lusk said...

I'm going to have to dig out some old photos and share them with this little corner of the world.

Preston N said...

All I can say is:

"Business upfront and PARTY in the back!"

Anonymous said...

I've seen the pics of you holding Nelson when he was born...your hair could have given RAY a run for his money! LOL

-Lori B.

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