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14 September 2008

In Case You Missed It...

Wow, what a blogging week! There are a few posts that you simply must not miss, starting with...

Last Friday: No Longer a Christian Nation?
Technically not a "week-in-review" piece, but a must-read, not just because of the post, but the comments, as well. Interesting! Controversial! Political!!

Monday: Adventures in Yardwork
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll think, "They allow this guy to have a driver's license?!"

Wednesday: Spelling Bitterness
All about letting go of the bitterness and anger we hang onto, illustrated by two losses of mine at Spelling Bees. Yay -- exciting!

Thursday: Stand Firm or Stand Firm?
As Christ-followers, if we're not willing to have faith, we're told that God is not going to force us to have faith.

Friday: Have a Happy Day
A definite, definite must-read/must-watch! I'm afraid the two embedded videos do a fantastic job of overshadowing the thoughts in the post, but that's okay, because if you're not in a good mood when you start to read the post, you will be when you're done.

Have a fantastic Sunday!


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