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10 August 2008

Why Am I Going to Worship Services Today?

Getting ready to head out for worship services this morning, to make people think that I'm a good person and to clear my conscience.

Of course I'm kidding (about the motive, not about going to services). But my son was being goofy last week when I asked him, "So why do we go to 'church'?" in an effort to keep him continually thinking about his (and my) motivations. His answer (with a laugh) is what I wrote in the opening sentence.

I'm afraid that I've occasionally been prone to think this about some people, and when I do, I've immediately (though unintentionally) mentally elevated myself to a spiritual plane higher than those people. I don't believe that's right of me. Whenever that thought has struck me, I've put my focus on running down people and their motivations rather than on elevating Jesus Christ in my own life and how I relate to His Church.

May you be blessed to be aware of God's presence among His people today as you meet with Him and them for worship.


Jan said...

And truly, can we know someone else's motivations? I wonder if we do this because it's easier to judge others than to judge ourselves.....which is where we should be looking.

Dean Lusk said...

Oooooh! "It's easier to judge others than to judge ourselves" -- good point! (I'm unfortunately really good at this!)

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