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20 August 2008


My daughter was supposed to read Little Women for school, but we thought that might be a little dry, so we had her watch Big Momma's House instead.

Not really.

I wonder, though, if that would be is akin to what we do when we partially obey God, or when we substitute entertainment for worship in our corporate meetings. I think it is. However, I believe it's an error most of the time to assess the style of music being played or the facial expressions of a vocalist (or any of a number of other things), and render a judgment based on those things. Worship vs. entertainment will come down to a matter of the heart of a worshipper (or entertainee).

Most of the time, questions like this are ones that we can only answer for ourselves; not for someone else. That is, "Have I come here this morning just to be entertained?" rather than, "Did that guy come here this morning just to entertain a crowd?"

"But the Lord said to Samuel, 'Don’t judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him. The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.'" (1 Samuel 16:7, NLT)


Christy said...

When I see worship leaders (talking about the whole team, not just the worship pastor) who make funny faces when they sing or are really animated, it distracts me. I close my eyes so that I can worship too, otherwise I'll just keep watching them and wondering "what in the world?". Is that what you're talking about? I really don't think I judge people who are like this. I mean, I'm not thinking they're showing off or trying to entertain, I just think they have their own way of singing, and if it bugs me then I just close my eyes. Is that judging?

Dean Lusk said...

I don't think that's judging. Those looks can be amusing or just plain disturbing. :) And I think closing your eyes is probably the best thing to do in such a case.

Preston N said...

I must admit I love it when you bring up this topic of "partial obedience" or "partial surrender". It is a topic that strikes at the heart of obedience. I realize you might be guilty of "beating a dead horse" here - but you have my vote to mention this topic every few months or so.

Although I will say this, along the lines of what Christy said, I think worship teams do need to have a level of consciousness of what they do or even what they wear on stage as this can have an impact on those in the congregation. For example, a T-shirt with something funny written on it or a woman who might unintentionally wear something revealing or too tight. Again, in these situations we just need to shut our eyes and take that thought captive and focus on God.

Leroy said...

I like leaders that dress their bands in business suits.'s a song lyric. Or close to it. 1,000 points to whoever can tell me which song or band. 2,000 if you know the song AND band.

Sorry Dean, I'm in a bit of a goofy mood tonight.

I agree Christy (and Preston). If you really look at what you (Christy) are saying, you are being obedient by making it a point to NOT get distracted and focus on worshipping God.

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