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27 August 2008

Not Shredding the Paper

We receive the Sunday local newspaper, for some reason. I think it's because we like to spend an extra few bucks each month. We don't even take advantage of the money-saving coupons within its pages, nor do we read Prince Valiant or the other killer in-color comics (do any of you actually follow Prince Valiant?).

I neglected to get the paper out of the driveway on Sunday of this week. As I pulled back into my driveway on Monday after taking my son to school, I noticed that the paper was not in its wrapper in the driveway any longer. Rather, it was in lots of shredded pieces in my font yard, thanks to my dog, who got more use out of the paper than we typically do.

Should I get mad at Hershey the Chocolate Lab for having done this? We never trained him. He's a typical, still-hyper six-human-year-old-that's-42-years-for-you-and-me Labrador Retriever-Based Mutt. He did what that kind of a dog will do. Should I expect him to politely refrain from attacking/reading our weekly newspaper?

I remember asking my dad for my own car when I was fifteen or sixteen. he told me something like, "No, you can't even keep this car [the old 1969 Chrysler Newport boat-mobile] clean or do maintenance on it." "But if it were my own car," I'd argue, "I'd take really good care of it!" My dad didn't believe me. He shouldn't have, either. He was right. When I finally got my own car, I kept it dirty and never changed the oil.

Smart dad! How'd he know I was going to do that?! He had seen my patterns of behavior. He knew I wouldn't do what I said -- he knew what the result would be. Do you ever think that this is why God doesn't allow us to have more responsibility? Are we ready for it? Are we walking with clean hands and a pure heart?

He may be waiting for the day when we can see the paper in the driveway and resist the urge to pounce on it.


Mindy said...

Sorry Dean I can't help myself. After reading just the first paragraph of this post, I immediately started thinking about your coffee pods.

If you were to cancel the newspaper you could simplify your life.
Here's how:
1st you can save some extra cash (maybe go back to the pods and have a metalic free cup of joe).
2nd you wouldn't be spending extra time picking up after "spot" for his God given natural nature.
3rd you wouldn't be beating yourself up about not using all those "awesome" coupons (that really don't even save you enough to pay for the paper).
4th this is the good could spend more time reading the Bible instead of reading all the CRAZY things that go on it this world. And if you don't get to reading it (I never did) you don't beat yourself up for wasting the $1.25.

I'm just picking on you, please take this in the good humor it was written in. :)

Dean Lusk said...

I just like to pick the pieces up out of my yard because it makes for decent blog illustrations. :)

By the way, we figured out that the regular coffee needs to be strong in order to be good. Two days and running; no metallic taste! I've had the jitters both days, though.

Mindy said...

I pray the jitters help with picking up those shreds of paper! :)

Jeff said...

OK, this is an excellent illustration for how "Christians" treat new believers. I assume for your dog this was either the first time or the first in a long time for him to find that newspaper just sitting there, begging for obliteration. I often remind myself and even my teams at church that new believers are going to do things that are not "churchy" during their early experiences with the church. All they know are their past experiences, and they WILL be prone to revert back to them. Are we ever as willing to forgive a new convert for saying or doing something "inappropriate" in church as we are to forgive our still-hyper six-human-year-old-that's-42-years-for-you-and-me Labrador Retriever-Based Mutt?

just a thought; and I rarely get decent thoughts,

Dean Lusk said...

Great observation (a sister anaolgy, I guess).

This is turning out to be the analogy that never ends. It rained on the paper shreds. I'm sure I can spin that into some allegorical illustration. :)

Anthony Stephens said...

Great post, Dean. It's funny how much things do not change often. We look for bigger stuff but never take care of what we have. Thanks for the reminder to take care of step 2 before trying to get to step 50.

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