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27 August 2008

New Link -- "No Sunday School Answers"

Officially welcome my old friend Anthony Stephens to the links list! Or welcome his blog, anyway -- No Sunday School Answers.

Anthony is the youth pastor at First Baptist Church of Birmingham (Alabama), and former youth pastor at my church fellowship, Wall Highway. He "grew up" in our youth department at Wall Highway. I thought he was only slightly cooler when he had long hair and wore a black trenchcoat.

Ah, memories! :-)


Leroy said...

How nice were those days when you could wear all black and a trench coat and be labeled, at most, "weird". Today, it's almost an immediate sentence to jail. Sigh, I guess each generation has its "good ol' days".

Anthony Stephens said...

Ha ha ha... the days of the long hair and trench coats were great days. I still have a trench coat, but not the hair.

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