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23 August 2008

From the Archives - Opposable Thumbs

Simultaneously doing different tasks with each of my hands today reminded me of the following post, originally made in January of this year.

I suppose my cat is good for something. Occasionally my son, in his own particular idiom, will remark of Jesse the cat, "He would help [in doing whatever task it is that needs to be done], but he doesn't have opposable thumbs." (Thumbs are "opposable" in that they can turn in the opposite direction of the other fingers.)

Not too far afield from the line of thought that Tony mentioned under Saturday's post, do you ever thank God for the mundane? Most of us let that sort of praying fall by the wayside after we got out of kindergarten. "Thank You for the trees," and "Thank You for the birds," were pretty popular prayers in Sunday School around that time, as I recall. Now that we're older, wiser, and far more skilled at being callous, we probably have a tendency to smirk and think, "Isn't that cute?" when we hear a child pray along those lines.

Again, do you ever marvel at the things we consider to be little? You may think this weird, but are you ever thankful for the fact that you don't simply fall over when you try to walk on those two stalks known as "legs"? (Psalm 139:14) Do you ever look up and tell God, "That's beautiful!" when you take in the sheer beauty and depth of color of a blue sky? (Psalm 104:3)

Constantly meditating on and thanking God for the fact that He has created us and the world around us in a wholly miraculous manner will go quite a long way in keeping our minds continually fixed on Him. After reading Psalm 104, it's hard to think of His creation as ordinary.


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