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07 August 2008

Fault-Finding Can Be Fun!

Something that's interesting to me...

The more we perceive that a person is a Godly man or woman (or claims to be), the deeper we look to find faults. At least, I think that's the case. I've observed that we tend to look for levels of hypocrisy. We dismiss many of the obvious shortcomings in "normal" people, but when a person begins to wear his religion on his sleeve, by golly, then the battle is on!

Why is it that Christ-followers do this (if you agree that they do)? Is it because we don't want to see the name and reputation of Jesus Christ tarnished? Maybe so, but is that really the big motivator?

Why is it that non-Christ-followers do this (if you agree that they do)? Do we Christ-followers think that non-Christians want to feel better about themselves? And if that's your answer, does it strike you as possibly just a little arrogant, essentially saying "Those outsiders just want to be more like us Christians..."? Do they, really?


Anonymous said...

I would hope that Christians don't go around with the attitude of "outsiders just want to be like us" If that is the case then they need to examine their motives.

I do think there are things that we do that makes us as christians look like an unappealing group of people sometimes. I encourage everyone to read "The 10 Dumbest Things Christians Do" by Mark Atteberry. It is eye opening about things the we can do to "sling mud" on the bride of Christ with our actions and words. Most of all we need to show the LOVE of Christ above all!!

Melissa said...

I have thought about some of the same things you are writing about.

As I grow spiritually, I have at times still felt unworthy to experience the grace and forgiveness He constantly gives me while I'm trying to make it through this earthly journey. Let me explain.

I saw a sign this past week that said CHRISTIAN UNDER CONSTRUCTION. That's all we really are- still being worked on. I'm never going to be perfect, I'm gonna mess up and fall flat on my face. Does that mean I don't love Jesus or desire to follow Him more than anything? No. It means that I constantly need to rexamine my life- my thoughts, my motives, everything- and make sure it is pure and pleasing to God. As long as God knows my heart and I don't muddle in my sins thinking I'm at no fault, I really shouldn't worry about what others do I still sometimes? Unfortunately, yes. But I go back to the way of thinking that I just explained.

Bottom line, I'm not perfect, not ever gonna be perfect, but I still want to strive daily to do and be what I'm supposed to. Christians are lost people saved. We used to be just what "they" are. I want to try and guard that name as much as possible and not dishonor the name of Christ, but I have to accept that I'm gonna mess up and not let it keep me from moving on in my spiritual growth because I'm afraid of others thinking I'm a hypocrite.

Okay, so that turned out a lot longer than I expected, sorry. Hope it made sense in a rambling kind of way. :)

Jan said...

I wonder if Christians do it to make us feel better about ourselves - a form of self-righteousness. I think that perhaps the bottom line is we simply do not truly love one another as we should. We are not heartbroken at the thought of hurting a brother or sister. We cannot see that our words and attitude is not edifying or loving. I think when we are broken, we will change.

Jan said...

I didn't make one thing clear. When we are more concerned with LOVING one another than we are with our own opinions, preferences, and judgments we will stop. When we SEE OURSELVES CLEARLY we will stop. A side note: It's been my painful experience that God will allow us to be criticized and judged just as we have judged others. When we get a glimpse of ourselves truly, truly, truly, we will be so amazed at God's grace towards us that we might become more gracious towards to others.

It's a hard way to learn.

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