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25 July 2008


Was looking at fellow Huntsville area worship leader Billy Chia's blog (check out the Links of Interest; the list has been updated a couple of times recently) and saw his post about a really cool little Java applet/website called Wordle. It showed that he's a church addict (at least, Wordle says so).

I assume that it's pulling from the most recent posts, because when I plugged EGBDF into it, I came up with God, good, things, and steak being some of the most prominent words. Oh, and gossip, too. Have a look. This is so cool that I think I'm going to use it for my wallpaper!

Thanks, Billy!


Billy Chia said...

Rock on - thanks for the shout out.

I like your wordle.

God is good.
Steak is good.
Pool is good.
Things are good.

uh...gossip is no good.

Leroy said...

So if you put too many words in there, does it get "wordled" down? You know, like watered-down. Ha, ha, ha! Sigh.

Dean Lusk said...

Looks like I should have been reading Melissa's blog (see the new link in the links list). She's been into the Wordle thing, apparently.

Preston N said...

Very Cool! I posted my up on my blog. What a neat App!

Thanks to you and Billy for sharing!

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