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11 July 2008

When an Agnostic Follows the Bible...

From the blog of Tim Ferris (about whom I know essentially nothing, but Google is a pretty cool thing): What Happens When an Agnostic Follows the Bible Literally for One Year?

This post is interesting -- not Biblical, but interesting because it's an "outsider's" perspective. It's a summary of what happened when A. J. Jacobs, a New York agnostic, decided to live by what the Bible says for one whole year. Don't know if I'm interested enough to buy the book, The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible (I'm so far behind on my reading list that it's pitiful), but I'm considering it. No, it may not reveal any great spiritual truths, but I'm interested in a non-theist's take on the Bible after such an experiment.

This is the kind of statement that drew me into the post; not just the results, but his tongue-in-cheek conversation style with the interviewer:

"For instance, I forced myself to stop gossiping, and eventually I started to have fewer petty thoughts to gossip about. I forced myself to help the needy, and found myself becoming less self-absorbed. I never became Ghandi or Angelina Jolie, but I made some strides."

Now, if only we could all be a little more like Angelina Jolie. Yeah, THEN the world would be a better place...


Jan Owen said...

what an interesting topic. I remember reading about a drug dealer (that yes, later did come to know Christ) who wouldn't cheat on his measurements when he sold it because he had been reading the Bible and read a verse about letting your weights and measurements be true (maybe in Proverbs). Isn't that bizarre? However, this study in the Word eventually led this man to Christ. That's what we ought to be praying for. That this man will encounter Jesus Christ as he looks at the Bible.

Preston N said...

The thing is all of mankind are endowed with an understanding of right and wrong, a sense of justice and yes even love. This shouldn't be a surprise at all that yes even sinners have a sense of right and wrong and justice. Along the lines of what Jan said, lie or cheat a drug dealer or a criminal you'll quickly see they understand right and wrong. They immediately become indignant or realize their sense of justice has been crossed.

This shows that all men everywhere are very capable of following the "Law", but their hearts are not in it. Christ comes to break down our hearts so that we will follow the Law fully from the Heart.

For me this book shows man is outwardly capable of being obedient, but yet their hearts are unchanged.

Cindy Gray said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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