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10 April 2008

Speeding - Update!

Well, I got a ticket yesterday. 73 in a 45 zone...

I'm kidding! I did not get a ticket, nor have I been speeding. My update is that I finally spoke with a police office like I said I was going to do in my post Acceptable Law-Breaking?.

I tried to phrase my questioning in a way that would not back him into a corner if he answered, "It's really okay to drive a little faster," nor did I slant the questioning in the favor of the argument to drive within the speed limit. He told me that the police prefer for everyone to observe the speed limit (this was a personal friend, so I was not receiving a standard "party line"). I asked about situations on interstate roads and such, when surrounding traffic was driving in excess of the speed limit, and I was told (here's your official warning...) that the police are taking measures to put a stop to that.

So there you have it. I invite you to join me in making their job easier.


Christy said...

I confess... yesterday I sped almost everywhere I went! I thought I saw you, Dean, and it made me slow down a little bit - HA! But then I thought, "Why should I care if Dean sees me speeding? It's God I should be worried about!" Unfortunately even that thought didn't help me ease up on the accelerator. Then on my way to church (I KNOW I'M TERRIBLE) I was speeding and saw a State Trooper turn around. I thought to myself "This is it! I'm in for it!" so THEN I slowed down. He never did pull me over, though. This speeding thing really is my ultra vice, weakness, whatever you wanna call it - OK - SIN!! I don't really know why other than it doesn't feel comfortable to me to drive under 45mph. So there you go. Now everyone knows what a wretch I am!

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