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31 March 2008

"Wish" Explained

"bate" verb, bat·ed, bat·ing.

1. to moderate or restrain: unable to bate our enthusiasm.
2. to lessen or diminish; abate: setbacks that bated his hopes. –verb (used without object)

You have all been waiting with bated breath, I'm sure, to learn the deep, true meaning of the song "Wish," which I posted a little over a week ago. When I asked for guesses as to its meaning, I said I was looking for specifics, but maybe that wasn't entirely accurate. I just wasn't looking for overly-general answers in the way that "God" is a universal answer to nearly every question in primary-age Sunday School classes, but the fact that the hero of the story has no name makes it a bit non-specific.

However, the song talks about a pretty specific scenario. In actuality, verse one is the only part with a meaning that's shrouded in a silly writing style. The rest of the song seems pretty straightforward.

Verse 1
This verse introduces an unnamed musician who's born in the south and develops the fever to escape the doldrums and boredom of regular ol' life. The bright lights and glamour of the big city draw his attention and beckon him, as they've done in countless other lives. Upon his arrival in the big city (I was visualizing a large city in California), he is instantly recognized... as yet another starving, out-of-work artist who's sold his proverbial soul to rock 'n' roll.

Verse 2 (Mark Williams had much more of a hand in this verse than the first one, and as such its meaning is much more understandable)
The guy visits his old haunts in the rural south and meets Christ in an "old country church." At this point, his life becomes devoted to Christ and he personally learns the old adage about love multiplying as one gives it away. With no regrets, he lets go of his dream of becoming a rock star.

Following after temptation and sin will lead to destruction. Don't let the world around you squeeze you into its mold (Romans 12:2). Satan disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14), although our hero wasn't exactly looking for the same thing Paul was talking about.

"Fallen star" here could refer either to Satan or to a lifestyle that is alluring but usually has devastating results. Sometimes its seeming brilliance can blind an individual to its dangers. The urging here is to embrace faith; not a blind, wishful faith, but a faith and belief that is based on the evidence of Who God is. In every situation, not just the big ones, we are free to choose between A and B.


Anonymous said...

I was waiting. I'm not sure if my breath was "baited" or not. See I do comment occasionall and not just lurk.


Anonymous said...

Opps! I guess I need to check for typos before I hit send and not after.

Christy said...

I'm a fan of your "Johnny" songs. I think you should share those, too.

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