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19 March 2008

Okay, Okay...

I want to apologize to those of you I may have offended by what I wrote yesterday. It might be easy to read my last post as calling people unGodly for purchasing festive Easter baskets (I can't call them Resurrection Sunday baskets), candy, and Hannah Montana CD's. I wasn't, and you aren't.

Hey, as a kid, I got candy every year, went on egg hunts, and ate chocoloate, and look how I turned out. Heh...

Seriously, as Pam noted on her end, there is no question at all for my family or most of the people I know, that Easter/Resurrection Sunday exists to celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection. Likewise, Christmas exists to celebrate His birth.

My blood pressure must have gotten out of control, but it has returned to normal today. I may even enjoy some Peeps this week.


Anonymous said...

Dean, I certainly wasn't offended by what you wrote. Just wanted to add another perspective to the matter :) Besides, it's the first opportunity I've had to respond in awhile. It's GREAT to be back home from the hospital!!

Pam M

Jan said...

No offense taken. I'll even bring you some peeps and a Chocolate bunny. Your post made me laugh, although that probably wasn't your intention either. I too find alot of the things we do to supposedly celebrate holy days ridiculous. Now I must go eat a peep.....:)

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