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03 March 2008

Judging Not?

There have been some wonderful observations (thanks to Christy, Tony, and Preston) in the comments recently under my "Reactions" post. So often it seems we actually have some of the same points, but arrive at them from different directions.

Preston made a statement today that I wish I'd said (rats!): "It is the motives of our judging that God scrutinizes..." (emphasis mine)

I have a post in draft form that addresses this very thing, and how crippling it can be to the Christ-follower, for instance, to avoid reproving someone else in love (which situationally may or may not be called for) because he interprets Jesus' words in Matthew 7:1-2 in a manner which would simply preclude him from being able to do so. This passage has received so many different treatments over the ages that it makes the head spin. Most often its incorrect usage comes from people outside the faith who love to point fingers at "hypocrites," but I believe it is widely misunderstood within the Church, too (I'm not stating that it has been misinterpreted by anyone commenting here, by the way).

At the very least, it is not a judgment call to see that an action is in direct violation of the Word of God when that action is made by someone claims to espouse what the Bible teaches.

I'll do my best to complete that post while the subject is still fresh on my mind.


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