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26 February 2008

Comment Word Verification

I've disabled the word verification in the comments section for now. There seems to be some trouble there, possibly on's end.

If you see a comment with a link in it, chances are good that it's a spam comment (unless it's a comment by Tony -- I don't think any other reader typically puts hyperlinks in comments), so please don't click on the link.

I will monitor the comments as closely as possible and will delete any randomly-generated comments. If you're not familiar with the concept, it's similar to the spam you receive via e-mail. Essentially, certain programs hunt for places they can post things like, "You can win a billion dollars just like I did!"


Christy said...

You won a billion dollars? WOW! When do we go out for steak?

Anonymous said...

Okay, so my computer wasn't the only one having trouble with this. Are you sure you're ready for my/more comments?!?! :) (or, do you not like the smiley faces? I'll have to go read all your blogs now...)


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