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23 January 2008

The Tenth Post On Worship

Following is the article that I've just written for our church fellowship's newsletter. Your paid subscription to EGBDF has finally paid off with an early-bird preview of what others will only see in print! I've even added a few bonus words and sentences here and there, so how about that?!

(Actually, there is no paid subscription plan. I said that for dramatic effect.)

Today (and the next and the next, etc.) I would like for each of you to begin to prepare for next Sunday's (or Saturday's) worship service. The concept is really simple: be a daily worshipper of God. I'm not necessarily suggesting that you sing songs aloud by yourself. Sure, that's one way of expressing worship, but it's arguably easier to do in conjunction with one or more persons and is not, in itself, worship (rather, it's the outflowing of worship).

What I am suggesting is that you and I must love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and show our sincerity daily in how we think, how we live, how we love, and how we act in -- and react to -- various situations. In order to be worshippers -- people who truly place worth in God -- by definition we must be doers of the Word and not just hearers (James 1:22).

Along with the segregation of "church" and "regular life" that it seems our religious culture has developed, I belive we've fostered a mindset that says we can wait until Sunday to "worship," and this isn't the case.

Show me a true weekend worshipper and I will show you someone who knows God, loves Him dearly, and worships Him throughout the week.


Tony M said...

Hmm... I figured someone would have posted a comment on your post by now.

On the way into work this morning I heard an interesting comment on the radio. Some lady had called in regarding the recent memorial service for William Bronner Burgess, the 3-year-old son of Rick Burgess (of the Rick and Bubba show) who drowned in their swimming pool on Saturday. In somewhat of a rephrasing of some of Rick's comments (he spoke at the memorial service; you can watch or listen to his thoughts at the website), she said she was a "pathetic, weak, ineffective good Christian" - meaning that while she was busy being a "good Christian" she wasn't being busy about the Lord's work of spreading the Gospel and advancing the Kingdom of Heaven (Rick's main point during his speaking at his son's memorial service).

While this doesn't necessarily tie in directly with the topic of living a life of continuous worship, it does tie in with "loving the Lord with everything we are" - that if we love him, we'll obey his commands.

She further commented that in her 39 (or something) years she'd had the privilege of leading 4 people to Christ... and that one person per decade is not good enough. (I know: it's only our job to present the gospel, it's not our job to do the winning - that's the work of the Holy Spirit; but we do need to be doing the first part, the presenting of the gospel...)

Ok, enough threadjacking for now...

Preston N said...

I have a different approach on this matter of leading people to the Lord. I once heard a story that best explains this.

A man is walking down a beach where thousands of starfish washed up on the shore. As he is walking he comes upon a little boy who is picking up one starfish at a time and throwing them back into the water. The man says to the little boy "Son there is no way you can ever throw back all these starfish, so whats the point", the little boy looks up at him and says "it means something to this one." The point here is its never about the number of souls we win for Christ, its that we have made an impact on at least one person's life.

Tony M said...

Obviously I can't know someone else's thoughts (other than as far as they're communicated to me), but I don't think her point was so much the numbers, but the effort (revealed by the numbers). That she was being a "good Christian" but then going along the beach and leaving the starfish where they were (to use your illustration), only occasionally making the effort.

I must admit: I'm more often found walking along, ignoring those who are around me, than trying to do what I can to help them eternally. That's something on which I need work in my own life.

Preston N said...


You may have misinterepretated my post, I was just giving my persperctive on the subject, - sorry if I came off as refuting your post.

Tony M said...

No, no; not thinking of you as refuting my post or anything like that, just trying to add to it, to bring the points of view together; it's not us who wins souls for Christ anyway, we're just the tools to bring God's good news. It's the bringing that we have to make sure we're doing ("Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it." - James 4:17, NLT).

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