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24 January 2008

Save On Scents

I really like scented candles -- in a very masculine way, of course (no, I don't like the perennial favorite "B.O." or "Gym Sock" scents). I received a mailer yesterday about the eight new fragrances that the Yankee Candle Company has introduced for spring of 2008. The inexorable March of the Yankee Candle continues...

With the money-saving coupons in the mailer, where I would have gone to purchase one $22.00 candle, now I can spend $44.00 and save $22.00! (By purchasing two candles and getting a third free.)

There are at least a couple of angles on this that I'm sure will translate into some deep truths:

1) This company is not content to simply keep all those scents we love. Nosiree -- they introduce new ones and discontinue old ones.

2) "Money-saving coupons" sometimes psychologically prompt us to spend more money than we'd otherwise have doled out.

I will think about these things and hopefully post an update when I realize how these angles relate to some part of life and our walk with Christ. Feel free to take this subject and run with it (in moderation, of course) in the comments. In other words, feel free to do my work for me...


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