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04 January 2008

Practicing What They Preach

I guess this is officially the first guest-blog at EGBDF. A friend of mine, Robby Newton, sent this via our church's e-mail distribution list. I couldn't help wanting to pass it on, and with his permission I do so:

Our character isn’t molded by adversity as much as it is manifested through it. Few of us will bury our grown daughter, or simultaneously experience the joy of birth and sorrow of death, or gaze at our grandchild through the viewing window of not one, but two, neonatal intensive care units. Yet, within the past month, three of our pastors have experienced the above events.

To be sure, our true character is manifested in both good times and bad. Yet, the character we exhibit during times of adversity is the more noticed by both the lost and the redeemed. What sort of character is being manifested in the trials of my life…when uninvited circumstances press in from all sides? Is it of the godly sort, as we have seen and are seeing in the lives of our pastors? If so, perhaps some will be encouraged to press on. If not, then maybe my spiritual roots aren’t as deep as they need to be.

Of course our pastors aren’t the only ones in our fellowship that have or are still facing Herculean adversities. But what makes a pastor’s situation somewhat different is that their sorrows are so very public, open for all to see. But their response is so very public as well, for which we all who claim the name of Christ should be grateful. It’s one thing to talk the talk, but quite another to see our leaders practice, with humility, what they so fervently preach.


cecily said...

Excellent post. Thanks for sharing it here. I always enjoy hearing Robby's observations on life, the Church, and our journey as Christ-followers.

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