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31 January 2008

On Being a Nit-Picker

Over yonder at his blog, my friend Bill posted some comments about a movie he and his wife recently watched, and the post somehow put me into movie critic mode. I'm probably being hyper-critical, and it may be annoying to some that I think there's a deeper meaning to just about everything. Please accept this sentence as my obligatory (though actually rather insincere) apology.

Believe it or not, I recently saw a distortion of the laws of physics (not to mention some of the laws of acting) in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. I decided to let it go because I didn't want everyone to think that I was a true nerd, nor did I want the family to stop enjoying the movie on my account. Oddly, I saw the same type of distortion in 2006's The Shaggy Dog as I watched it with my family for the first time a couple of days ago.

The scenario is like this: the guy-you-love-to-hate-but-not-really-a-bad-guy's car is stopped at an intersection, and the viewer hopes the guy gets what's coming to him. Sure enough, a truck rear-ends his vehicle, sending his little dog flying into the front window and pressing the dog's facial features onto the glass for (apparent) visual comedic effect.

But, as I'm sure everyone immediately noticed, if the car were rear-ended, the dog would fly backward, not forward. (I believe it was the reverse that happened in Alvin... A car slammed its brakes on, highly improbably sending the chipmunks flying from the dashboard backward into the front seat.) As is my wont, I couldn't stop thinking about these scenes for the remainder of the respective movies.

So where is the life-related tie-in?

My illustration: "If I had made that movie..."

Real life: "If I were in charge of that ministry..."

I find that I don't always agree with decisions that others make. I am just beginning to really learn, though, that while some of those things are important, the great majority fit nicely into the "Dean, you are really obsessive" category. When I can't let go of the things in the latter category, I'm bound to remain stationary (or worse, move backward) until I'm able to do so.


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