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30 January 2008

New Link

I would like to welcome friend (and apparently sleep-talker) Christy to the blogosphere! The "Links of Interest" section has been updated with her new blog, "WARNING! Sleep Talking Zone." It's long overdue.

I couldn't help but be bummed that this site apparently did not make it into Christy's favorite websites. Ah, well...


Christy said...

Well, now you've put me on the spot. Consider your site added. Thanks for posting mine first. I guess I'll have to give you some M&M's too, huh? ;)

Tony M said...

She didn't put mine on there, either, but I see it's there now. Thanks for getting her to do that! Now all I want to know is (and I'll ask this on her blog)... how the bagfull of green M&Ms? Did you pick those out, or pick out all the others and give me the leftovers, or can you actually buy bags of specific colored M&Ms? Thanks for them, by the way!

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