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25 January 2008

New Links

Not long ago I added Pam to my daily prayer list. This morning I've added her blog to my list of links. Have a look, and please add yourself to the number of those praying over her situation.

She likes the Lord of the Rings movies and The Chronicles of Narnia (hurry up and be May 16 already!), so I'm predisposed to think she's a very cool person all around.

I've also added a link to infant Tori Wilhoit's site. Tori is a little over four months old and she and her family have been on my prayer list since slightly before Tori was born. I should have added this link a long time ago! The Wilhoits are close friends, and it has been both difficult and uplifting (repeat these two things over and over) to see the situation unfold and to see what God has done and what He is still doing. Offer praise!


Pam M said...

Thank you so much Dean. My heart was deeply touched this morning when I opened my email and saw the email from Preston and your response. Being a homeschool mom, being isolated is something I deal with especially now. The Lord used this to prove to me how wrong I am. Praise God that He loves us so much that He is gentle in His corrections with us.

Christy said...

Dean, thanks for sharing Pam's blog w/ us. I left her a message hoping to encourage her through Matt's experience. I also let her know that I homeschool and that she's not alone in that area either. It's always good to get to know other believers, even if it is via the internet. ;)

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