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24 January 2008

Discourses on Sushi

Adam Clarke, in his book Discourses on Various Subjects Relative to the Being and Attributes of God, and His Works in Creation, Providence, and Grace (no, I'm not kidding -- that's the title), makes this statement, odd punctuation retained, regarding the person who puts Matthew 22:37, a lifestyle of worship, into practice:

"In a word, he who sees God in all things, -- thinks of him at all times, having his mind continually fixed upon God, -- acknowledging him in all his ways, -- who begins, continues, and ends all his thoughts, words, and works, to the glory of his name: -- this is the person who loves God with all his heart, life, strength, and intellect."

There was a time many years ago at which I became alarmed that I was not walking the walk that I professed, and was not feeling particularly "convicted" about any of the things I did that I knew were wrong. At some point during that time I sincerely petitioned God along the lines of, "Please remind me of Whose I am today," and I kept this prayer up throughout each day for a while. Ashamedly, I was a bit surprised when I began to think at certain times of temptation, "A child of God would not do what you're about to do." (This sounds as though I may have been about to do something seriously alarming, but it was actually "little" stuff.)

And as this went on, like Clarke said, I actually began to "see" God in all things. I saw that He was at work around me, and I began to understand that I could be a part of what He had already gotten started. David Crowder (disclaimer: not my favorite musician and one who espouses some emerging church principles) wrote a book called Praise Habit: Finding God in Sunsets and Sushi that, in a huge nutshell, talks about opening our eyes to see God in circumstances and things around us.

Don't miss what I'm saying here or read anything odd into it -- I'm not trying to put God into some "Mother Earth" mold -- I'm saying that as we are deliberate and intentional about walking with Christ and in the power of the Spirit, we'll begin to learn and adopt His nature and truly be able to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.


Lisa said...

Something very cool happened about 3 days ago. I was driving to the gym and feeling very low concerning my son's future Iraqi vacation : ) I was discussing it with the Lord when all of the sudden, a bluebird zipped across the road and caught my attention. I caught my breath at the beauty and brightness of this little bird and immediately started the whole laugh/ cry/ thank-you Lord thing (if you are unfamiliar with that "thing", you might be male.) God made me aware in that very moment of His amazing power in protecting that little blue bird in harsh cold and a world of predators. This all took place in a matter on 2 - minutes. What a wonderful God!

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