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01 January 2008

Be the Church

Last year our church's slogan was "Believe the Impossible." The slogan wasn't meant to just be a catchy phrase or rallying cry. It was meant to verbalize the focus of the body of believers at Wall Highway.

Whether or not it is used, my input for an updated slogan this year (yes, we address this annually) was/is "Be the Church." I mean, this is really, really what I want to see in each of us who calls himself or herself a Christian. Not just at Wall Highway Baptist Church... I'm talking about the other "brick and mortar" church fellowships, the home fellowships, the organizations (the Madison Baptist Association, for instance), and anyone else you can think of that might go by the moniker "Christian."

This phrase doesn't say that we're out working or doing stuff for the Lord. It doesn't say, "Our church is nicer or bigger or more active than the church down the street." It doesn't say the words "relevant," "connected," or anything like that (I'm not speaking negatively about your fellowship if it happens to use one of those words, by the way).

Plain and simple, this is a sort of Prime Directive: "Be the Church." Be genuine. Be the person you say you are -- the person that God has recreated in the image of Christ!

Again, this may or may not make it to slogandom. That's okay. But it is a principle I want to see God's people take to heart.

"And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father." (Colossians 3:17, NLT)


Leroy said...

Happy New Year Dean and you other three readers! :)

Live what you believe, I'm all for that! And though we are not perfect, we must be mindful of the way we are (trying) to live because there are non-Christians just watching and waiting for us to mess up so they can continue to use us as their excuse to not go to church...

Not that I was consulted, but my vote for this years slogan was "Do The Impossible".

Tony M said...

And happy new year to you, Leroy!

Sounds a lot like something I think I mentioned the other day: trying to actually be what you want people to think you are (no more pretending).

I like the slogan; don't really have any suggestions myself. I think my own personal NYR ("New Year's Resolution") is going to be, "Smile More!" That is, be happier, more dependent on God for my joy and less dependent on my circumstances.

Jan Owen said...

Okay, I LOVE this new look on your blog. WOW! Can you come help me make mine really cool too? I love your slogan for the year - quit just talking and just do it! I love it because it crosses boundaries of all church buildings, something I've learned to cherish over the years. Thanks for encouraging us Dean!

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