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21 December 2007

Recaptured a Bit of the Magic

I wrote a few days ago that some time as a kid I'd lost the childhood magic of Christmas.

We had a Christmas get-together at my parents' house tonight. My parents gave me a lock-blade knife. A few minutes later I proceeded to use it as a screwdriver and jabbed myself in the thumb pretty badly.

I felt like I was 10 again! I think I'm onto something here regarding the recapturing of that special childhood magic.

The image above, "Visions of Sugarplums" by Tom Browning, can be purchased at


Leroy said...

Was the jabbing of the thumb preceeded by the phrase "hey y'all, watch this!!"? Ha, ha, ha, I crack myself up! What I really mean is I hope you are ok. :)

Anonymous said...

smooth one dean. i did something similar the other day when messing with a new gift my grandfather had just gotten. smashed my finger pretty good.

- Eric

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