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21 November 2007

'Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving

It's technically an off-day for me, so I didn't get up at the crack of pre-dawn this morning; I missed prime blogging time. Therefore I'll be much shorter today than usual. ("And there was much rejoicing." "Aaay.")

I was hoping to have seen more comments regarding yesterday's post about how we communicate and conduct ourselves. The thoughts that were expressed in the comments were exactly along the lines of the things I intended to bring to mind.

So for today's post, I will refer you to yesterday's post, "I Did It Myyyyyyyyyyyyy Way." Please comment liberally. Or should I say, "freely"?


Tony M said...

I'd commented, but it seems to have fallen off your long post into the bit bucket somewhere. I've re-commented something similar to what I did before... :)

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