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02 November 2007

Revisionist History

Here, now. Move along! No blogs from the past two days to see here...

Seriously, my intention for this site is to encourage us all to think outside our "boxes." If the posts of the past two days were taken as inflammatory, I apologize. As a precaution, I have removed them.

If you're scratching your head wondering what was inflammatory, then there should be no harm in their removal, eh?

On to more thinkery tomorrow!


Steve said...

Fortunately Bloglines isn't quite caught up on revisionist history. I wouldn't consider the two posts inflammatory. I think we do need to consider whether our programs are (1) serving the congregation and the community and (2) distracting us from the family or other important pursuits. It's possible for us to be too busy doing good, to the detriment of other good things. (Take it from someone who is most assuredly guilty right now.)

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