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22 November 2007

Commenting Troubles?

Note: this is the third post of the day. Be sure to read the two below this one.

Please let me know if you've had trouble leaving comments, or seeing them show up once you've posted them, over the past couple of days. I'd like to forward the number of problems to I can be e-mailed at dean[the "@" symbol]

A few notes about commenting:

1) While the technology that could tell me exactly who is commenting probably exists, it is inaccessible to me at my level of expertise. In other words, if you post a comment as "Anonymous," I won't know who you are, and neither will anyone who reads this blog. I prefer, of course, that you give your comment a by-line, but if you feel more comfortable not doing so, have at it. Unless it's mean-spirited. In that case, see note #4.

2) There is no convention here to misuse the cookies that your web browser may leave on your computer. I do occasionally look at overall data such as number of page views, originating countries, and average time spent at this site, but even if I wanted to, I'm not smart enough to do malicious things with any of that info.

3) Before you can leave a comment, a verification tool will be shown: a box will appear in which you can type, and above the box will be a randomly-generated string of letters and/or numbers. You'll have to type in the random characters so that will know that you're not a web-crawling "robot" attempting to leave spam comments.

4) Never, ever say mean things in your comments. Never reference a particular person unless it's to say something positive about them (or to reply to their comment). Unless you're talking about someone like Robert Tilton.


Anonymous said...

Dean, you are a brave man. A man with too many candles, but a brave man :)I think this is the first mass blog/email I have done since extricating my family from a particular situation several years ago that was exacerbated by an mass email situation. While I love email and blogging and the ability to communicate on a mass scale so quickly, it does, as you referenced, leave room for poeple to leave mean comments, anonymously and run like little chickens. As the little chickens run they give little care to the hurt they leave in their wake. I ran into a similar incident while shopping on Black Friday 2007. a mom/daughter duo, who looked like someone I would expect to see at one of our areas finer churches were extremely rude. I was standing in a very small path that they wanted to access to pass through. Imagine this, I was shopping. My path was the only path blocked in the entire dept. but it was the one they wanted. Instead of waiting or saying 'excuse me' she actually looked at me and said "Hello? We want to get through here." Unbelievable. Why are we so rude when we think no one we know can see us? She never would have behaved that way with an audience. Yet, we always have the audience of One who matters most. And where is the care we are supposed to show for others? Heck, at the least, where was the Christmas spirit in that action? We are responsible for our words, written or spoken, and for the consequences they bring for others. Baptists and Christians make the best snipers, but often we fight the wrong battles. We are called to show Christ's love everywhere we go in this world, cyber or physical. Often we are so busy being entitled that we forget that we are servants by choice. Yes, we are children of the King, joint heirs with the King of Kings. However, we are called to belike that KoK who humbled Himself and became obedient to His Father and His called purpose. Wow, what if we had to wait 33 yrs to do what we were called to do? How patient would this microwave society be? Would we be humble enough to remain silent while abused? Hello?, I think not.
(OK - funnny endnote is that I have no Google blogger ID so I actually am gonna sign this anonymous. But you can call me KellyD :)

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