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20 October 2007

Relevant Comments

I would grudgingly call this church sign (courtesy of blogger Mike Frizzell) "culturally relevant." I'd be most likely to call it annoying, though.

Anyhow... I don't have to post anything for, like, a week or something! If you haven't read Cecily's comments under yesterday's post, How To Be Culturally Irrelevant, you need to do so. She sums up entire books I've read, making some points even better than the books themselves.

I was going to (and may still) take a plodding pace on the issue and take a number of physical situations one by one and examine them to try to get people thinking about the bigger picture little by little. However, she's laid out the whole underpenning of the issue, which is really a much more practical thing to do. I found that when I tried to do that initially, I'd have needed a book-length post (which is why I decided to go the route of little situational chunks). She's given an impressive summation.

Will probably take some of the things she brings up and break them out here one at a time in posts. A post on "Church lingo" is a must-do!


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