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26 October 2007

Recent Comments in Sidebar

I'm experimenting with some different formats as I attempt to put recent comments in the sidebar.

If you are a commenter, either frequently or infrequently, and you do not want your comments appearing in the sidebar for any reason, please e-mail me and let me know. If it will keep you from posting comments, I will probably just remove the "Recent Comments" section.


Tony M said...

What if there's someone else's comments I don't want to see in the sidebar? Or what if I want to see more of (or only) my comments in the sidebar?

Just kidding, of course! Cool feature; I'm in support, and don't mind my comments showing up there.

Leroy said...

Uhhh, if you don't want you comments posted pulically...then just email them to Dean and do not use the "Leave your comment" block.

Leroy said...

PUBLICALLY. Dean, add spell checker thingy!

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