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31 October 2007


Remember when I said that around half the verses in the Bible referring to "justice" are about helping the needy? This is covered in the other half of the verses. Finally!

On the other hand, I'm not sure what exactly to think about this situation. A convicted child-murderer has been granted a stay of execution due to potential painful side-effects due to his current medicines for pancreatic cancer and hepatitis C.


Leroy said...

I don't think there is enough server space at blogspot (or whoever the host is) for me to write comments on this. If you know me and are interested in my opinions, just ask me when you see me. Make sure you have a 'few' minutes to talk.

Anonymous said...

On this topic, I am very much an Old Testament sort of person.

Pain? Should have thought about that before inflicting that on your victims.

Should executions be as painful as what these murderers inflicted? No, it should be civilized and quick.

Lethal injection will do. If not, fine, give 'em a choice of a gas chamber, electric chair, or firing squad, or even a guillotine.


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