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26 October 2007

"Even God Appreciates a Home Run"

I occasionally listen to NPR. No worries for those of you who may immediately assume I'm a leftist liberal, though. I'm not. I occasionally listen to Sean Hannity, too. (Boy, is he annoying!)

Anyhow, I heard a bit of satire on NPR during the drive home this afternoon. I found myself paying attention to my own emotional responses just to see if I was justified in what I felt. In order for you to be able to know where I'm coming from, below is a link to the audio of the sketch. Visit the link, find the "LISTEN" button, and click on it. You'll need to have RealPlayer installed and about two minutes to waste.

I'm curious about your reaction to it.

I've said here in the past that we shouldn't expect the non-church world to conform to a set of Biblical moral standards. If that's reasonable, then why should I be offended or surprised?

I guess I'm surprised because, believe it or not, I thought NPR would have just a little more taste than that, or a little more respect for their "religious" audience. Sure, they feature Daniel Schorr, whose commentary is even more annoying than his voice, but they're usually not this obviously offensive in their programming.

For myself, I don't particularly want them to keep airing things like this because it affronts my beliefs and it paints God as a moron. It also isn't that funny (with a few exceptions if you're a baseball fan). But am I offended? Not really. Bear in mind, if you agree with me, that this is not unexpected behavior. Also, like it or not, remember that NPR has every right to air this kind of material in America just as much as I have the right to worship freely according to my beliefs.

I don't listen to NPR enough to know when in the week they read listener feedback on the air, so I'm probably going to miss them reading the e-mails I assume they'll receive from irate and indignant Christians. Among the responses they receive, I'm sure they'll get some well-worded, "gracefully salty" ones, but I'm also pretty sure I know which one they'll read on the air, if any. The one that's obnoxious.

What is the appropriate response from a Christ-follower, if a response is warranted at all?

I highly doubt that this satirical sketch will dissuade anyone from following Christ. Then what sort of damage does it do, in your opinion? Does it do more or less damage than the possible reactions from Christians who may respond negatively?

I suspect that God is bigger than satire attempted at His expense.


Tony M said...

What was it I've heard before, God doesn't need me to defend His name... He's defending me instead. Or something like that.

Listening to the thing reminded me of your comment about Ben Franklin's off-base (no pun intended) remark about God helping those who help themselves (in your previous post).

Honestly, I'm a little cautious about people putting words in God's mouth, such as the last book of the Left Behind series; that one probably more so since it came from a relatively Christian perspective/author (I use "relatively" here because I don't know everyone's beliefs on the books/series).

Then again, we watched "Evan Almighty" last night and found it humorous and it actually did paint God in a, well, Godly light (even the "making of" or whatever was riddled with comments about historical accuracy - that is, they were taking the story of the ark - I don't know if they went all the way to saying the flood - as literal history, not some "Biblical fantasy story" - at least that's the feeling I got listening to the commentary).

Not sure if this all really relates to your post... more like my own rambling...

Anonymous said...


Well, Dean, you have the right to whatever reaction you want to have.

My own? I actually laughed in a day filled with rather painful things that have somewhat impeded my normal sense of equilibrium.

I didn't see anything terribly offensive here...and I don't normally like NPR, either.

Of course, my reaction to it may have been covered in that I was in Denver this last weekend, and got to experience the ... enthusiasm ... of Coloradoans for their baseball team, so a little less adulation was rather welcome.

(No, I did not go to watch the game. My trip was planned before the Rockies got their entry to the series. And, in fact, the game made a lot of traffic I wouldn't have normally had to go through, and spoiled plans to see some friends I would have liked to see that I couldn't because of the game).

If anybody oughta be offended by this, I'd think it would be a Rockies or Yankees fan.

But I think most fans', and the big guys', senses of humor can probably handle this one.

I respectfully submit that your sense of humor may need some adjustment.

At your service,


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